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Re-joining UMSS

If you leave your employment here and come back within six months of leaving, you can re-join UMSS within six months of the start of your new appointment. This option is available once only.

Leaving statement

Your leaving statement, included in your Leavers Pack, will contain the following information:

Keep in touch

You’ve worked hard to build valuable benefits for your retirement – don’t lose touch with them just because you’re no longer an active member of UMSS! It’s really important that we know where to send your Leavers Pack and statements to, so please let the Pensions Office know if you move or your circumstances change in any way.

Please see the Life changes pages in the Retired section to find out more.

You should also complete a Nomination Form and make sure that it is up to date. This form advises the Trustee who you would like to receive any benefits that are payable to your dependant(s) when you die. We recommend you update this at least every three years before you retire.